QL is a transformational experience designed to expand your thinking around what is possible, help you decide what you want your life to look like, and then support you in creating goals around that vision.

You’ll walk away with a model to follow and tools you can implement to Take Action right away.

Is this a real estate class?

No – this has nothing to do with real estate! We are using a conference room at a real estate office and that is where the connection ends! 

So what is this class about? 

We discuss and learn these key concepts:

  • Choices and why making the right choice is critical
  • Balancing the elements of your life (is that possible and if so, how can learning, work and fun be properly balanced)
  • What does success look like and is that different for each person
  • What is the most important piece of the process and how focusing on this one thing makes goals attainable
  • Shifting your mindset – what gets in the way of success and how to control that
  • Developing powerful habits that change your life
  • Determining your personal mission and what tools can be used to achieve your goals 
  • Building wealth – how can each person achieve your financial goals

We discuss short term and long term goals and then review tools to help achieve those goals. This class not only teaches how to pinpoint your goals but also how to get there!

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